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Multiwire - About Us
About Multiwire Laboratories, Ltd.

Founded: 1981

COO, CEO, and President: Donald H. Bilderback, Ph.D.

Product & Market Development Officer: Owen Vajk, Ph.D.

Business Manager: Bill Hawley

Products: Company Description:

Multiwire Laboratories Ltd. develops and manufactures products for rapid x-ray orientation of single crystals by the Laue back-reflection method. Industrial and academic laboratories utilize the real-time detector, motorized orientation stages, and computer analysis of back-reflection images to characterize or determine the orientation of the lattice planes in a variety of crystal materials such as silicon, gallium arsenide, high-Tc superconductors, sapphire, geological minerals, turbine blades, etc.

Northstar 7 is a software package which automates the collection and analysis of back-reflection Laue images. The company's executive is a Cornell University researcher and Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics. The original real-time technology was developed at Cornell under his direction under funding from the National Science Foundation but has been expanded with the motorized orientation stages and computer analysis of back-reflection Laue patterns.

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Multiwire Laboratories, Ltd.