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Real-Time Back-Reflection Laue Camera System consisting of a 30cm x 30cm (~1' x 1') proportional wire chamber equipped with an X-ray shutter, a set of four interchangeable collimators (0.5, 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 mm), an internal Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) electronics board, high voltage power supply, and a multi-core computer with 32-bit Windows 7 Professional running NorthStar 7 for viewing and indexing Laue patterns generated by the system.

One year warranty

This replaces the MWL110 Real-Time system in our product line. For upgrades, click here.
The MWL120 system does not include an X-ray generator or enclosure, but these are available from our trusted partners (see below)


X-Ray Generator and Safety Enclosure. A Spellman X-ray generator equipped with a tungsten X-ray tube is ideal for Laue imaging. The HV is adjustable down to 8 KV to control the X-ray fluorescence of some samples. A water cooling system, X-ray tower, X-ray shutter, indicator light and control panel are included. The upper half of the safety enclosure houses the MWL120 Laue camera and X-ray tower. Sliding transparent windows provide visual access to the interior while providing X-ray radiation shielding for the operator. A 19-inch rack built into the bottom half of the enclosure holds the the motor controller, computer, and control panels. The water cooling system is also stored in the bottom compartment, accessible via sliding panel doors. The LCD computer monitor mounts externally to an articulated arm, and a shelf holds the keyboard, mouse, and joystick.

Accessories for Real-Time Systems
Only available to real-time system customers

Jack & Translation Stage. This anodized aluminum stage aids in positioning crystal samples with respect to the X-ray beam. A track — referred to as the X-ray track — is included, which serves as a mounting point for orientation accessories.

Operation of this stage requires the MWL731 Motor Controller with Joystick

MWL702 Leaded Beam Stop. This mounts to the Jack & Translation's X-ray track and is positioned between the operator and the crystal sample. The leaded beam stop serves to absorb and scatter any X-rays that travel beyond the orientation area, protecting the operator from harm.

Motorized Bond Barrel Holder. This allows for ±7° motorized orientation on both orthogonal axes, as well as 360° manual rotation about the roll axis.

Once the crystal sample is in its final orientation, the Bond barrel stage can be locked in position and removed from the motorized base. This is useful for cutting crystal samples on an external water-cooled diamond saw or electrical discharge machining where the sample is immersed in oil.

Additional Bond barrel stages can be purchased to satisfy a higher orientation volume. Contact us for details.

Motorized operation of this stage requires the MWL731 Motor Controller with Joystick


Three-axis Motorized Goniometer. This aids in making fine angular adjustments to crystal samples with respect to the X-ray beam.

Operation of this stage requires the MWL731 Motor Controller with Joystick

MWL710 Base Plate Assembly. This anodized aluminum structure serves as a common mounting point for the detector and the Jack & Translation stage.
MWL715 Mountable Shelf. This laminated wood shelf is designed to fit a standard 19" rack. It is a practical work surface for the mouse and keyboard.

Six-Axis Motor Controller with Joystick. The motor controller drives our various motorized orientation stages. Remote six-axis joystick control for 12 and 24 VDC motors means the operator can safely orient crystals from outside your radiation enclosure.

The MWL731 is required for motorized operation of the MWL701A, MWL703, and MWL705 orientation stages

Upgrades for Real-Time Systems
MWL110 COMPUTER UPGRADE MWL110 users with a Windows 95, 2000, or XP computer can upgrade to a new Windows 7 computer with NorthStar 6.4 (Fault-Tolerant).
MWL110 SYSTEM UPGRADE Users with an MWL110 system can upgrade to the MWL120 system (with NorthStar 7) at a reduced cost.

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