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Multiwire - System Upgrades
System Upgrades

MWL110 system hardware and software can be upgraded. Here are some options:

Upgrading your Computer / NorthStar Software

If you are happy with your MWL110 system, but would like to upgrade to the newest compatible version of NorthStar, we can provide a 32-bit Windows 7 computer system running NorthStar 6.4.

This is easy to install in the field with minimal down-time.

The computer system specifications reflect those listed for the MWL120 system, except NorthStar will be version 6.4 and an MWL2000 PCI card will be included for communications with the MWL110 system.

Contact us for pricing or more information.

Upgrading your MWL110 System

The MWL120 system does away with the NIM-bin components, offers higher-resolution imaging, uses a simpler USB connection interface, and works with the newest version of NorthStar — benefiting from all its features.

This option costs less than a new MWL120 system because we will use your existing MWL110 wire chamber in your upgraded detector. This does require that you send us your MWL110 detector.

You will also receive a new computer running the latest version of NorthStar.

Contact us for pricing or more information.

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